float like a jellyfish; sting like a goddamn jellyfish
is that so hard

musings from being trapped between very big mountains

shield by the amazing writers-cube. jellyfish by the stunning orphic-ophelia.



Arthur & Guenevere in “Camelot” (1967)

A few weeks ago, I watched this version of the musical “Camelot” for the first time and I really enjoyed it, so I felt like making some GIFs of Arthur and Guenevere. Some of these turned out a bit too dark though … 

safe shipping /o/

Grazie, liebling. <3

Have a safe shipping, lovely. Focus on getting there in one piece. May or may not spam your inbox for word drabble things and surprise you with more stuff. Just take care of yourself and cheers! / o /

Danke danke. <3 The goal is that both my mother and myself will arrive safe from long car rides through terrible driving parts of the country (read: all of New England) and without biting each other’s heads off. We’ve spent a little more than a month in close proximity now,  so. We’ll see.

I also have tags to you sitting in my gmail being accusing. So, you know. It’s cool.

"I Love My RP Partners To Death And Am Super Motivated To Tag Them And It Is 90% Composed In My Head But Also No: A Memoir." Will you be my co-author. 

Okay real quick twillserve, orphic-ophelia, themagpielife, notthatjaded, I owe all of you drabbles for the word meme. A bunch of you and also tamikaflynned & heraldofzeus I also owe tags to what are sitting in my Gmail being accusing. We’re starting the ship-up today, and leaving at ? o’clock, so I don’t… know if/when I’ll be around to actually do the things. 

That said, the ship-up is for the purpose of moving into my new sublet for the month of August, so this weekend I should be able to hit all things if I don’t hit them before then. Just a heads up.

Also if you send me more words, I will get to them, just. Again. On this timeline. (But feel free to spam out my inbox. I love this meme, even if I’m terrible at it.)