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Anonymous asked
what is yhe smallest bird of prey





The title of smallest bird of prey is actually a tie.

The genus Microhierax is a whole group of falconets - teeny tiny falcons.  The smallest two of those are the Black-Thighed Falconet and the White-Fronted Falconet.  Both are Indomalaysian species with a wingspan of 11.5 inches (27-32cm) and a body length of 6 inches (14-17cm). That’s right - they are only a bit larger than a sparrow!  Though their big, powerful little talons and hooked beak certainly sets them apart.

A black-thighed falconet:

White-fronted falconetsimage

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Despite the fact that I’m still hundreds of pages away from rewriting my two major battle scenes, I decided to throw together a mix of peppy instrumental songs for when I do…





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